Pau Vilanova VilaAbadal (Barcelona 1964) is the inheritor of his father Jordi Vilanova i Bosch, who pioneered and promoted design in Barcelona, and introduced children’s and Northern European furniture. He created a new Mediterranean line inspired in Europe which has remained here until nowadays. Pau Vilanova studied in Escola Llotja in Barcelona and continued his studies in Copenhagen (Denmark).

He has been member of ADIFAD and INFAD boards and BEDA representative in Spain. In 1988 he joined the company Jordi Vilanova Disseny and he has been the head of projects since 1998.

He created his own firm in 2008 where he has developed his activity as a designer and he has opened a new line with his collaborators Sergio Valdecillo and David Peñaranda in the
management and organisation of building work.